Make Your Own Beat With This Online Drum Machine

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Online Drum Machine

We’ve found a super slick web app for y’all this time.

*Cue drum roll… pun intended.*

Introducing to you the HTML 5 Drum Machine –  the free online drum machine that lets you make your own beat! This online drum machine was created using a large dose of creativity and a dash of Angular JS. If you’re not familiar with AngularJS don’t fret – we’ll dig into this framework in detail in an upcoming post.

Creating a Drum WAV File

If you use this drum machine for yourself and make a super sick beat, the app allows you to download the drum WAV file to play back later. Just click on the red Export Pattern As WAV button, Play the selection you’d like to record, and click on the Export button again to download the drum WAV file. That’s some pretty rich functionality for a JavaScript based drum machine if you ask me.

Did you make your own beat? Did it impress your friends to no end? Let us know in the comments below!

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