What is HTML?

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What is HTML

We hear the acronym HTML all the time, but a surprising number of folks don’t actually know what HTML stands for. So in case you didn’t already know: HTML = … Read More

Starting Our Webpage: The HTML Element

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We’ve learned that a webpage is made up from many different HTML elements, such as paragraphs, headings, and images. However, without the all important HTML element, our browsers wouldn’t know how to interpret these elements … Read More

2 Different Lists in HTML

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When it comes to creating lists, we have two different options in our web developer’s arsenal – an ordered list <ol> and an unordered list <ul> . Each of these two types … Read More

What is an HTML Attribute?

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We learned in a previous post that HTML elements can be modified by something called an “HTML attribute”. Now, let’s figure out what these attribute things actually are, what their purpose is, and how … Read More

Adding an HTML Hyperlink to a Webpage

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Links, or hyperlinks, can be found on nearly every webpage out there. These elements allow visitors of a website to navigate from one page to the next. Link elements aren’t just for going from one webpage … Read More